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Eyebrow Microblading is the latest beauty trend for those who want to achieve fuller, thicker eyebrows. Pencil-thin eyebrows are so last century, thick, chunky eyebrows are where it’s at. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with their eyebrows naturally being on fleek. For most, eyebrow pencils and powders would serve, but for those who want to go for a more semi-permanent approach, eyebrow microblading is the answer. Lasts approximately 2 years with a touch up.


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Within 3 Months Touch Up



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Microshading/ Ombre Brows

(Combo Brows - 50% Microblading & 50% Shading







Ombre Brows are a type of semi-permanent makeup, achieved through the manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin. This technique gently inserts pigment into the skin and looks very soft and misty. No hair strokes are placed, so the brow is fully covered with a light colour, and little pigment is placed at the start of the brow for a soft look. Last approximately 2 years.


 Initial Session



6 - 12 Month Touch Up






Long lasting naturally coloured eyebrows with tattoo effects. This new revolutionary eyebrow tinting is safer to use as it does not contain any traces of lead or ammonia. Give your eyebrows a gorgeous makeover. Flaunt your beautiful coloured eyebrows with the perfect choice of long-lasting permanent henna. 100% painless, no cuts, no scarring, no bleeding, no downtime. 100% natural and completely safe. Lasts up to 5 weeks on hair and 7-21 days on the skin.


Henna Brow Tinting







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