Eyelash extensions instantly open and brighten up your eyes, without you lifting a finger!


From fresh and flirty, to dramatic and voluminous, we are dedicated to creating a look just for you. Our Lash Stylists will creatively achieve any look that you desire. From the moment you walk in, you will experience a luxury application in a beautiful and serene environment. Clients say they feel so at ease and relaxed, that some even catch a few Zs in the process.


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Microblading is the best alternative to makeup, it gives a very natural appearance where crisp strokes give the illusion of real hair. A metal hand tool with fine needles (one time use) to create hair-like strokes. A custom pigment is then implanted into the skin’s surface. This semi-permanent makeup will generally last up to 1-2 years (depending on the client's exposure to sun, resistance to pigment and skin regimen). Microblading is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance or reconstruct the look of their brows/hairline. Ideal for all skin tones.  Best of all, our eyebrows have been specially designed to look completely natural; no one will suspect they're not yours!


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Today, both men and women are well-aware of advantages of hair removal and both of them are seeking such services. Whether you are planning to get ready for the next beach vacation and wish to flaunt your super sexy and smooth legs or wish to prepare yourself for next swimming competition, we help you to get rid of body hair. Waxing can be used for different areas; hands and legs are the most common places to be waxed including underarms. Facial waxing is another common waxing treatment where people prefer to wax their eyebrows and upper lips; some also prefer to wax their chin and cheeks. Waxing is a treatment which is no longer limited to women; men are also taking this treatment and getting their chest and back hair removed.

Wax hair removal removes hair deeply, unlike cream or razor, body wax pull hair from the hair follicle as a result, the skin remains smooth and hair free for a longer period (generally for 2-4 weeks).

Waxing is more beneficial to remove the unwanted hair for a long period of time and regular waxing also helps in reducing the growth of hair over a long run. It also helps to make the skin smoother and shinier


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